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GRAP Stage-IV Curbs Revoked in Delhi-NCR As Air Quality Improves

The GRAP-4 restrictions, which barred the entry of polluting vehicles from other states, mandated work from home for 50% employees and barred offline classes for primary school children, had came into effect on November 5.

The Centre on Saturday issued orders to lift the ban on construction activities linked to linear public projects in Delhi-NCR and allowed the entry of polluting trucks and commercial four-wheelers into the national capital. This decision follows an improvement in air quality due to favourable wind speed and direction in the region.

These actions mark the implementation of Stage IV, the final phase of the Centre’s air pollution control plan. This stage is activated at least three days prior to the Air Quality Index (AQI) exceeding the 450 mark in the capital.

The Commission for Air Quality Management in the National Capital Region and Adjoining Areas (CAQM), entrusted with devising strategies to combat pollution, directed Delhi and NCR states to revoke all emergency measures. These measures limited entry into Delhi to only CNG, electric, and BS VI-compliant vehicles from other states, with exemptions for essential service providers.

Additionally, the latest CAQM directive banned all non-essential medium and heavy goods vehicles in the capital under Stage IV of GRAP.

According to the CAQM, air quality forecasts from the India Meteorological Department/Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology do not predict a significant deterioration in Delhi-NCR’s overall air quality in the forthcoming days.

Notably, the city’s 24-hour average AQI, assessed at 4 pm daily, exhibited an improvement from 405 on Friday to 319 on Saturday

Source: Patriot