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Delhi Schools to Resume Classes from Nov 20 After Grap-4 Restrictions Lifted

Classes for all students from pre-school to standard 12 will resume from November 20 onwards, the circular said. All government-aided and private schools in the national capital will resume offline classes starting November 20, following the revocation of GRAP IV, according to an official circular released on Saturday.

The decision to resume classes comes as the AQI is improving, and forecasts from the IMD/IITM suggest no imminent sharp degradation in Delhi’s air quality, stated the Directorate of Education circular. The circular mentioned that classes for all students, ranging from pre-school to standard 12, will recommence from November 20 onwards.

GRAP, the Centre’s Graded Response Action Plan for Delhi-NCR, delineates pollution control measures across four stages: Stage I – Poor (AQI 201-300), Stage II – Very Poor (AQI 301-400), Stage III – Severe (AQI 401-450), and Stage IV – Severe Plus (AQI above 450). However, the circular added that outdoor sports activities and morning assemblies will remain suspended for the upcoming week.

“This decision aligns with the order issued on 18/11/2023, during which a winter break from 9/11/2023 to 18/11/2023 was declared due to Severe Plus (AQI>450) air quality prevailing in Delhi at that time,” the circular explained.

The Directorate of Education has urged schools to inform parents in advance about the resumption of classes. Delhi schools had previously closed, announcing a winter break starting on November 8 due to escalating pollution levels in the city, leading to heightened health concerns.

Source: Patriot