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7 Common Makeup Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Makeup can be a lovely addition to enhancing your look but some common mistakes can spoil the entire effort. Here are some key tips to follow when you apply makeup.

The right makeup enhances one’s look, making you look gorgeous as you attend dos and also lending you that added photogenic touch. But finding the right shade, the right brands, and the right technique of makeup application – basically knowing some basic dos and don’ts is essential in getting that perfect look. Here are some common makeup mistakes that people make that you should avoid to ensure that your makeup is flawless.

  1. Applying Makeup On Dry Skin

    This is a big no-no as applying makeup on skin which is dry and flaky will make your skin appear dull, cracked, old, and tired. Prepare your skin before applying foundation, and this means moisturising your skin well.
  2. Improper Blending Technique

    If your makeup is not blended well, it will appear unnatural and out of place, especially if you are using neutral shades. Wet your beauty sponge and squeeze out the excess water. A damp sponge is excellent for blending makeup.
  3. Overusing Concealer

    While there are conflicting opinions, many experts point out that it’s better to use the foundation before the concealer. Also if you apply too much concealer, then you will look all cakey and fine lines will show. Use a good concealer to hide blemishes.
  4. Improper Use Of Foundation

    Once again, if you use too much of foundation, you will look cakey and unnatural. Use a good quality foundation right for your skin tone and apply it on the cheeks, nose, and under-eye areas.
  5. Not Doing Eyebrows

    A well-shaped, neat eyebrows enhance your look. Avoid bushy, unkempt brows but ensure that you don’t pluck them too thin
  6. Wrong Use Of Mascara

    Beauty experts say that one must use mascara that is two shades darker than their eyebrow colour. It’s also important to note that one must apply one or two coats of mascara, and not more because then your eyelashes will become very clumpy. Also while you might think waterproof mascara is better, removing them is harder and can seriously damage your lashes, which can wither away.
  7. Overdrawing Lip Liner

    If you don’t want to look unnatural, make sure not to overdraw on the Cupid’s bow and underneath the middle of the bottom lip.

Source: ZEE News