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When and Why Black Friday Sales Became A Thing in India

Black Friday, commonly associated with the Friday following Thanksgiving in the United States, traditionally marks the commencement of the Christmas shopping season in the country. Over time, this shopping event has found resonance in India, with Black Friday Sale observed here as well. This year, Black Friday falls on November 24, Friday.

The rise of Black Friday sales in India is a relatively recent phenomenon, spurred by the country’s burgeoning online and offline retail landscape. This trend mirrors global retail practices and the increasing influence of e-commerce platforms.

This day signifies the initiation of the Christmas shopping spree, enticing various retailers to offer exclusive promotions, discounts, and sales.

Significance of Black Friday

The term ‘Black Friday’ historically refers to the moment in the year when retailers transition from incurring losses (termed “in the red”) to earning profits (“in the black”) during the holiday season. Financial records used red ink to indicate losses and black ink to denote profits.

Evolving from this financial context, Black Friday has evolved into a significant shopping event characterized by early openings, attractive deals, and substantial discounts both offline and online.
In recent times, this shopping extravaganza has transcended the United States, with numerous other countries adopting similar sales events.

Black Friday sales in India

In India, Black Friday sales encompass a wide array of products ranging from fashion, home decor, electronics, mobile phones, baby products, toys, to beauty and health goods, available both in physical stores and online.

To ensure you don’t miss out on great deals, shoppers can keep an eye on brands’ websites, social media handles, newsletters, and other promotional channels to stay updated on ongoing Black Friday sales.

It’s advisable to create a shopping wishlist beforehand and take advantage of the discounts offered during the Black Friday sales.
Notably, platforms like Amazon, offering discounts on electronics, and online travel agents such as Booking.com and Hotels.com, are actively participating in Black Friday sales in India.

E-commerce giants like Flipkart and electronics retail chains like Croma also join the league by hosting their own Black Friday sales.
The international recognition of Black Friday is a testament to the global reach of commerce. In India, the phenomenon of Black Friday sales has gained traction in recent years, aligning with the changing dynamics of both online and retail shopping.

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