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Video of Woman Claiming to Prabhakaran’s Daughter Surfaces

CHENNAI: A video of a woman, claiming to be Dwaraka, daughter of slain LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran, has surfaced in social media. The woman proclaims to continue the struggle for `political freedom’ of Sri Lankan Tamils in the video streamed on a web portal ‘tamiloli.net’ on Monday (November 27), celebrated as Maveerar Naal (Heroes Day) by LTTE. The video has surfaced 14 years after the Sri Lankan military declared that Prabhakaran and his family were dead in the final days of the war at Mullivaikkal.

Titled, `Desathin Puthalvi Selvi Dwaraka Prabhakaranin Kolgai Pragadana Urai’ (Daughter of the soil Dwaraka Prabhakaran’s policy proclamation speech), the video was streamed on pro-Tamil Youtube channels. 

“I am here after overcoming numerous difficulties and betrayals. One day I hope to visit Eelam too and serve my people,” the saree-clad woman is heard saying. In the speech lasting for 12 minutes in Sri Lankan Tamil, the woman says that the Sinhala government had joined hands with powerful countries unable to face the LTTE alone in the final phase of the war in 2009. 

Though LTTE weakened the Sri Lankan military often, those powerful countries intervened and helped the Lankan army, she said. “That was the reason our military struggle ended in Mullivaikkal. But our struggle for political freedom has not ended,” she said.

Once the war was over, the United Nations and the global powers had failed to ensure justice for the Eelam Tamils, said the woman. She alleged that the Lankan government was converting Tamil Eelam into a Sinhala Buddhist territory, where freedom and human rights were denied to the people.

“The reasons for our struggle are still alive,” she said. The struggle for political freedom would be taken forward. “We will win our rights,” she said. To the Sri Lankan Tamil political parties, she said though there might be differences of opinion among them, “we need to travel together in our quest for freedom,” she said.

The woman said she would hold with affection all those hands, including India, that extend support to the Sri Lankan Tamil cause. There were doubts being raised, however, about the authenticity of the video with many on social media dubbing it an AI generated speech.

Source: The Times of India