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Theatre Troupe’s American Celebration of Manx Ship Star of India

A Manx theatre group is set to take its musical play about the history of an Isle of Man-built 19th Century ship to American audiences this month.

Cloideryn, also known as the Northern Theatre Group, has been invited to California to perform a show about the Star of India.

The vessel, which is on display at the San Diego Maritime Museum, celebrates its 160th anniversary next weekend.

A spokesman for the group said the vessel had a “fantastic story”.

The Star of India, originally named the Euterpe, was built in Ramsey in 1863 and initially used to ferry cargo and emigrants to New Zealand before later being converted into a salmon hauler.

The 205ft (62m) vessel circumnavigated the globe 21 times and became the subject of an original musical written by Manx residents Heather Ruffino and Marilyn Cannell.

A photo of the Star of India today
Image caption,The Star of India, on display in San Diego, was launched in Ramsey in 1863

A delegation from the San Diego Maritime Museum travelled to the island to watch the first performance, which was held in Ramsey last year, and invited the theatre group to America for the 160th anniversary celebrations.

Fourteen members of Cloideryn are set to travel to San Diego to perform excerpts from the musical aboard the ship as it sails on 11 November, with more performances planned at other venues as part of the anniversary celebrations.

A citation from Isle of Man Lieutenant Governor Sir John Lorimer will also be taken by the group to thank the maritime museum for preserving the vessel.

Source : BBC