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Showcasing India’s Rich Culture and Age-Old Civilization

Description: This week’s show highlights the religious and peaceful co-existence in the country and brings you stories that showcase the rich culture and traditions of India. Recently, India celebrated the Diwali festival, also referred to as Deepawali.

The festival holds cultural as well as religious significance which not only binds families and society as one but also inspires mankind to always choose the right. The Diwali festival is celebrated in the Hindu lunar month of Kartika on the darkest of nights, which usually falls between mid-October and November.

The festival is considered auspicious as people celebrate new beginnings and prosperity. During Diwali, animal lovers celebrated the “Kukur Tihar” or kukur Puja Festival in West Bengal to honor dogs. People applied tilak on the foreheads of the dogs while offering prayers to them. Following the ceremonies, animal lovers prepared special food for their pets and stray canines.

People celebrated the one-of-a-kind celebration honoring the guardian and messenger of ‘Yamraj,’ the ruler of death. As an outcome of a steady shift in buyer behavior, India’s fashion business is evolving alongside consumer demographics. People are stressing branded clothing more than ever before.

With that comes the thriving kid’s fashion industry—moving beyond previous conventions, parents are now bidding for branded clothing.The annual terracotta exhibition ‘MRUTTIKA-2023’ held in the nation’s temple city, Bhubaneswar. The annual terracotta exhibition featured a wide range of clay products, such as terracotta vases, wall hangings, statues, and so on.

The exhibition also embraced live demonstrations of how they are manufactured in order to encourage aspiring artists and increase awareness about Odisha’s rich tradition of craftsmanship.

Source: Big News Network