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PM Addresses at Vijaya Dashami Celebrations in Dwarka, Delhi

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi today witnessed Ram Leela at Dwarka in Delhi and saw Ravan Dahan.

Addressing on the occasion, the Prime Minister said that Vijaydashimi is a festival of victory of justice over injustice, of humility over arrogance and patience over anger. He said this is also a day of renewing pledges.

The Prime Minister noted that this time we are celebrating Vijay Dashmi exactly two months after the Chandrayaan landing. Referring to the Shastr Poojan tradition on this day, the Prime Minister emphasized that in India weapons are not used for annexation but for defence. He said that Shakti Pooja means wishing for the happiness, well being, victory and glory of the entire creation. He emphasized the eternal and modern aspects of Indian philosophy. “We know ‘maryada’ (boundaries) of Ram as well as also how to defend our borders”, Prime Minister Modi said.

The Prime Minister said “the temple being built on the birthplace of Lord Ram is a symbol of victory for the patience of us Indians after centuries of waiting.” He said next Ram Navmi, prayers at the temple will spread happiness in the entire world. “Bhagawan Shri Ram bas aane hi wale hain”, Lord Ram’s arrival is imminent, the Prime MInister said. Recalling signs of arrival described in Ramcharitmanas, the Prime Minister mentioned similar signs now, such as India’s economy becoming the fifth largest economy, landing on moon, new Parliament Building, Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam. “India is today emerging as the world’s largest democracy as well as the most trusted democracy”, he said. As Lord Ram is coming under such auspicious signs, the Prime Minister said that “in a way, after 75 years of independence, India’s fortunes are now going to rise.”

He emphasized the need to stay vigilant against the forces of pathologies that wreck harmony of the society, casteism and regionalism and thinking that is about selfishness instead of development of India. “We should take a pledge to end evils and discrimination in the society”, he said.

The Prime MInister reiterated the importance of the next 25 years for India. “We have to create an India of Lord Ram’s ideas. A developed India, which is self-reliant, a developed India, which gives the message of world peace, a developed India, where everyone has equal rights to fulfill their dreams, a developed India, where people feel a sense of prosperity and satisfaction. This is Ram Raj’s vision”, he said.

In this light, the Prime Minister asked everyone to take 10 resolutions such as saving water, promoting digital transactions, cleanliness,vocal for local, making quality products, seeing the country before thinking of foreign, promotion of natural farming, prompting and adopting millets, fitness and finally “we will raise the social status of at least one poor family by becoming a member of their household.” The Prime MInister concluded “as long as there is even a single poor person in the country who does not have basic facilities, no house, electricity, gas, water, no treatment facilities, we will not rest.”

Source : Narendra Modi