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Not Being Treated with Respect and Dignity: Air India Pilots Write to Ratan Tata

Over 1,500 Air India pilots have written to Tata Sons chairman emeritus Ratan Tata, seeking his intervention after the airline revamped their salary structure without any prior consultantion.
The pilots, who have voiced their dissatisfaction against the airline management’s decision to unilaterally alter their salary structure and service conditions, said the concerns of pilots are not being addressed by the airline’s HR team.
Addressing Ratan Tata, the pilots wrote: “We believe that your benevolent leadership can help us to find a solution that is fair and respectful to all parties involved.”
Pilots upset over revamped salary structure
Air India had on April 17 rolled out a revamped compensation structure for its pilots and cabin crew, but it was rejected by the two pilot unions – Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) and Indian Pilots Guild (IPG).
The unions claimed that Air India did not consult them before finalizing the new contracts, adding that it was a violation of labour practices. The ICPA and IPG have also urged their members not to sign or accept the revised contract and salary structure.
Not being treated with ‘respect and dignity’
In the petition, the pilots claimed that they are not being treated with respect and dignity by the present management, adding that it has affected their morale. The pilots added this could even have a negative impact on their ability to perform duties.
“We have always been committed to Air India’s success and have gone above and beyond to ensure that we provide our passengers with the best possible experience,” the pilots said in the petition.
The pilots added that they understand the challenges that Air India faces are complex, but added that they are committed to working with the company to find solutions that will benefit stakeholders.
“However, we feel that our concerns are not being heard or addressed by the current HR team. We are therefore respectfully requesting your assistance in addressing these issues,” the pilots said.

Source : India Today