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NewsClick: Raids on Indian Media ‘Aim to Muzzle Free Speech’

Tuesday’s police raids on the homes of prominent journalists in India are an attempt by the government to “muzzle” free speech, campaigners have said.

The founder of news website NewsClick was arrested under an anti-terror law as part of an investigation into its funding.

Human rights campaigners said the move was a “ruthless crackdown” against independent journalists.

Ministers have insisted police are simply doing their job.

The co-ordinated raids at 30 locations on Tuesday were some of the largest and most extensive on India’s media in recent years.

Police later confirmed they had arrested NewsClick’s founder Prabir Purkayastha, as well as Amit Chakravarty, NewsClick’s head of human resources.

Officials are reportedly investigating allegations that NewsClick – an independent news and current affairs website known for being critical of the government – received illegal funds from China, which it denies.

The arrests and raids have been condemned by journalists, news organisations and human rights campaigners, who described it as another example of the government’s pattern of “arbitrary and intimidatory behaviour“.

Source : BBC