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Mwinyi Appreciates Z’Bar- India Relations

ZANZIBAR President, Dr Hussein Mwinyi has appreciated cordial relationship between Zanzibar and India, saying it’s growing strong. He said besides the close relation between the two friendly countries, Zanzibaris and Indians have enjoyed long collaboration as depicted by many Indian diaspora who live and conduct their economic activities in the country.

The president was speaking at Vuga-based State House on Tuesday when he for the first time hosted Indian Foreign Minister, Shri V. Muraeedharan. Dr Mwinyi said India has been supporting Tanzania, especially Zanzibar in various development programmes, citing water and education as the most beneficiary sectors. He said many Tanzanians have received opportunities to study in India under the Asian government scholarship.

He acknowledged the Indian government gesture to establish its institute of technology in Zanzibar, describing the move as a great achievement in consolidating the existing relation between the two countries as well as placing the isles on the global map. The isles leader expressed hopes of receiving many foreigners who will come to pursue education at the Zanzibar campus which is one of the world’s prestigious colleges.

President Mwinyi underscored the need for cordial relation between the campus and the revolutionary government through increased faculties and courses. He further thanked the Indian government for its continued support to various development sectors in Tanzania. Speaking at the meeting, the visiting minister who also oversees parliamentary issues in India said although it’s his first time to visit Tanzania, the relation between the two countries started even before the union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar in 1964.

He said the establishment of IIT campus in Zanzibar is one of the strategies to cement diplomatic relations between India and Tanzania, especially Zanzibar as well as produce learned and highly skilled leaders in information and technology. During his visit, Minister Muraeedharan had an opportunity to visit Bweleo-based IIT Madrasa as well as inspecting the site for the construction of the institute’s permanent Zanzibar campus.

Zanzibar Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Lela Muhamed Mussa, Deputy Permanent Secretary in the ministry Mwanahamisi Ameir and Indian High Commissioner to Tanzania Binaya Pradhan were among the attendees at the event. Meanwhile, President Mwinyi has invited Chinese traders and industrialists to come and invest in the islands.

Speaking to Vice-Chairperson of Chinese Traders and Industrialist Federation Xu Lejiang and 15-member business delegation at Vuga-based State House here yesterday, President Mwinyi informed his guests of the immense investment opportunities, especially in the tourism sector.

He explained that tourism especially in hotels and other recreational facilities offer huge investment opportunities, saying Zanzibar is endowed with white sand beaches, which attract visitors and tourists. The president further welcomed potential Chinese investors to explore business opportunities in the blue economy, saying besides the tourism sector, which contributes over 30 per cent to the country’s gross domestic product, fishing and fish farming is another important sector that is yearning for investments.

He said Zanzibar’s location provides favourable environment for seaport investments, inviting Chinese investors to grab the opportunity and make business for the mutual benefit of the two countries. President Mwinyi further talked of oil and gas sector, welcoming the federation to explore investment opportunities.

Responding, Mr Lejiang described the federation as a huge entity, which brings together over 700 companies, including mineral dealers, manufacturers of construction and technological products as well as large scale dealers in commercial farming. The Chinese business leader pledged to persuade more business people from China to come and invest in Zanzibar, saying the islands and the world’s second largest economy have enjoyed over 60 years of diplomatic, political, social and economic cooperation.

Source: Daily News