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Melissa x Marc Jacobs Collaborative Footwear Line Launches in India

Premium footwear brand Melissa has launched its collaborative line with US-based fashion and lifestyle brand Marc Jacobs in India. The recyclable plastic collection has launched in Melissa’s brick-and-mortar stores in New Delhi and Mumbai and on its India e-commerce website. 

“This collaboration between Melissa and Marc Jacobs marks a pivotal moment in fashion by showcasing that style and sustainability can coexist harmoniously,” announced Melissa in a press release on November 27. “The collection not only reflects the shared vision of the two brands but also sets a new standard for the future of conscientious fashion.”
The collection comprises two styles of shoe which are inspired by Marc Jacobs’ youthful aesthetic. The Melissa x Marc Jacobs clog is made from sugarcane-based compound ‘Biobased EVA’ which is designed to be both sustainable and comfortable and the ‘Becky’ shoe is made from 100% recyclable plastic which incorporates recycled PET bottles.

The collection has also launched globally across Marc Jacobs stores and on the brand’s e-commerce store. Launching the collaborative line in India highlights Melissa’s continued focus on expanding its customer base in the country. 
Melissa is run by footwear manufacturing business Grendene and uses specially designed thermoplastic technology to create its footwear, according to the brand’s website. Melissa entered the Indian market in 2015, Vogue India reported, and the brand first launched in 1979.

Source: Fashion Network