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March to Focus on Heritage, Culture of India

Panaji: The culmination of India Heritage Week, on November 19, will witness the India Walk Slam, an event that will bring together history and heritage aficionados of Goa and other parts of the country to partake in a synchronised march honouring the nation’s vibrant heritage.

Individuals and groups with an unwavering ardour for India’s historical legacy will converge in towns across Goa, in tandem with like-minded people holding similar walks across India. 

“The India Walk Slam transcends geographical boundaries, representing a collective tribute to the plethora of traditions, customs, and historical narratives woven intricately into India’s fabric,” said Harihara S S, who will be leading the walk in Panaji.

Furthermore, the India Walk Slam serves as a platform to raise awareness about the significance of historical preservation and the need to safeguard India’s heritage sites, artifacts, and cultural practices for generations to come. 

Source: The Times of India