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Kolkata Street Food Sizzles in Delhi

From the mouthwatering rolls that will transport visitors to the bustling streets of central Kolkata to the irresistible aroma of stalls that capture the essence of the city’s vibrant markets, the Kolkata Street Food Festival has covered the entire spectrum of its food delights.

“We tried our best to emulate the essence of the streets of Kolkata by incorporating the wallpapers of the city’s iconic things such as the yellow taxis, the Howrah bridge, north Kolkata’s old British buildings, among others. You know, when it comes to Kolkata street food, hotels find it a task to beat the roadside stalls because what they offer to customers is that brilliant. Hence, this is just a humble tribute to the street food of Kolkata and we tried to bring out as much variety as possible,” he said.

Indeed, the variety is staggering! From simple yet deliciously crunchy pakodas to spicy tang of fish fry to the savoury goodness of egg chicken rolls, and the delectable indulgence of chilli prawns to the iconic mutton kosha and roshogolla, there is something for every taste bud.

Each stall seemed like a portal to a different facet of Kolkata’s culinary history, and the restaurant staff exhibited an impressive mastery over their craft.

“We thought of organising the festival keeping in mind the upcoming Kali Puja celebrations in the city. It could be any festival, but the city decks up like no other so this is the least that I could do for the city where I grew up,” the chef added.

Steeped in history, Kolkata’s street food has long been renowned for its unique flavours and cultural influences, and this festival successfully captured the essence of that gastronomic journey. What set this festival apart was not just the variety of dishes but also the passion and dedication of the organisers. Their commitment to preserving and presenting the authenticity of Kolkata’s street food was evident in every bite.

The festival is a gastronomic adventure, allowing attendees to explore the rich and diverse flavours that make Kolkata’s street food truly exceptional. The main course was as soulful to the city’s food spectrum as one could imagine. It’s incredible to be chomping on aloo-chingri-peyaj koli (a curry made with potato, prawns and spring onions) sitting at a Delhi restaurant!

The event is also a testament to the city’s love for chaats as stalls were laid out serving typical Kolkata-style chowmein and mughlai parathas. The flavours were not just a treat for the taste buds but also a nostalgic journey for anyone familiar with the city’s culinary history.

The lively atmosphere added to the overall experience, with the aroma of spices lingering in the air and the sounds of sizzling pans creating a symphony of gastronomic delight.

In essence, the Kolkata Street Food Festival was a gastronomic voyage through time, a celebration of the city’s street food legacy that left attendees with a deep appreciation for the cultural richness that defines Kolkata’s culinary landscape. This event is a must-visit for anyone eager to savour the soulful and diverse flavours that make Kolkata’s street food a legendary experience.

Source: The Patriot