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Khushbu Sundar Refuses to Apologise for Her ‘Cheri Language’ Remark

BJP leader Khushbu Sundar has been caught in a controversy over her remark that the DMK was speaking “Cheri (slum)” language. While many said it was offensive to Dalits, the Congress has demanded an apology from her.

The actor-politician who had been busy with official work did not immediately respond to this. On Saturday, she spoke to the media at the airport as soon as she landed from Hyderabad.

About her “Cheri language” remark, Khushbu Sundar asked why she should apologise for her remark. She said, “I find it very funny that Congress is coming up with these things. We have seen Congress where Jawaharlal Nehru or Indira Gandhi had given themselves, awarded themselves Bharat Ratna.

But Dr Ambedkar was given Bharat Ratna by V.P. Singh when Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L.K. Advani had fought for it. So, you can present yourself with Bharat Ratna. But all these years a man who was champion of the Dalits and the Scheduled caste, you were never able to award him…

This is very funny and if they say they’re going to burn effigies or they’re going to be right outside my door, I have seen enough of it. I have seen enough of these Congress guys…I’ve seen enough of these jokers. I’m ready to face them. People who know me, they know that I don’t use any kind of foul language…”

Khushbu also said many areas in Chennai use the “Cheri” suffix like Velachery and Semmanchery. The saffron party leader added that all people were equal and she didn’t speak degradingly about anyone. Meanwhile, security has been increased around Khushbu’s house in the wake of the recent controversy.

Source: The Sunday Guardian