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Kerala is Looking for The Possibility of A Nuclear Power Plant

New Delhi: The state has asked the Center to examine the feasibility of setting up a thorium-based nuclear power plant in Kerala. Power Minister K. Krishnankutty in his meeting with Union Minister RK Singh put forward these demands. Kerala also mentioned thorium in the meeting of energy ministers held in Delhi two weeks ago.

In the petition given yesterday, the state also pointed out that there is a lot of quality thorium on the coast of Kerala. Kerala also mentioned the Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC) development of a 32 MW thorium-based power plant at Kalpakkam in Tamil Nadu. The state has also informed that the amount of green energy in Kerala can be increased at a reasonable cost of production by using thorium. India accounts for 90 percent of the world’s thorium deposits. Currently there is no nuclear power plant in Kerala.

The government has also sought permission to develop existing hydropower projects in Kerala under the new Forest Protection Amendment Act, which provides more concessions for the use of forest land. There should be a single window system for sanctioning hydropower projects.

Financial assistance and environmental concessions have been sought for implementation of the Lakshmi hydropower project at Munnar and the second power plant at Idukki on a priority basis. Kerala has also announced that it will prepare a project document (DPR) for pumped storage projects in Idamalayar, Idukki and Pallivasal.

33,115 Anganwadis carbon neutral

Kerala has sought central assistance of Rs 1,024 crore to make 33,115 Anganwadis in Kerala carbon neutral through electric cooking and rooftop solar. 64,000 tonnes of carbon emissions can be reduced in this way. Kerala also pointed out that it can save Rs 29 crore in LPG and Rs 13 crore in electricity charges. Kerala is targeting 10 lakh electric vehicles by 2025 and for this, it has been demanded to relax the conditions.

Source: India Posts English