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Ireland’s Primark Cares Hits 55% Sustainable Clothing Milestone

Ireland’s Primark has reaffirmed its commitment to affordable, sustainable fashion with notable progress under its Primark Cares initiative. Launched two years ago, the strategy aims to transform all its clothing lines to use recycled or sustainably sourced materials by 2030. In a significant step, 55 per cent of its clothes this year featured such materials, a notable increase from 45 per cent the previous year.

In alignment with its sustainable vision, Primark introduced a circular product line, selling over 3 million units of circular clothing, according to the company’s second Sustainability and Ethics Progress Report.

A key focus for Primark is cotton, the primary fibre in its range. This year, 46 per cent of its cotton clothing was made from organic, recycled, or sustainably sourced cotton, a rise from 40 per cent last year. The Primark Sustainable Cotton Programme (PSCP), now in its 10th year, operates in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and recently Turkiye, making it a leader in sustainable cotton sourcing.

Furthermore, Primark is utilising TrusTrace, a compliance platform, to enhance supply chain transparency. This tool tracks products from raw materials to the finished product, aiding in supply chain management.

A pivotal goal for Primark is to halve carbon emissions by 2030, a target under review by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). With a focus on renewable energy and efficiency, Primark is assisting suppliers in transitioning to sustainable energy sources. In its own operations, the company is reducing energy usage and has transitioned 70 per cent of its stores to renewable or low-carbon electricity, with 141 stores adopting energy-efficient lighting. These comprehensive efforts underline Primark’s dedication to a sustainable future in fashion.

Source: Fibre2Fashion