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Indian Ambassador to Ankara Celebrates 100th Year of Turkish Republic

Indian Ambassador to Ankara Virander Paul extended congratulations to the Turkish people on the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye.

He expressed hope for Türkiye greater advancements and increased prosperity in its journey in the new century.

As part of the news files prepared by the Anadolu for the 100th anniversary of the republic, Paul made evaluations to Anadolu.

In a message to Turks for Oct. 29, Paul conveyed his sincerest congratulations of the Indian people.

He emphasized that relations between Türkiye and India are nourished by deep historical ties and said cultural resources have contributed to the establishment of strong bonds based on mutual goodwill during the century.

“This was indeed much visible in the manner our Turkish friends received Operation Dost (Operation Friend), India’s expression of solidarity with the people of Türkiye during the very early days of the devastating February earthquakes,” said Paul.

“In contemporary times, as two richly diverse democracies and large G-20 economies, there are enormous opportunities inherent in our growth and development trajectories,” Türkiye and India, which have diverse democracies and are major G-20 economies, have great opportunities for growth and development.

“The 100 years that have passed since the declaration of the republic under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk have been a successful and comprehensive journey that has made the Turkish people proud,” he said.

“While Türkiye celebrates this important milestone, we continue to stand together to address the various threats and challenges facing the world today. The successful work we did together during India’s G20 presidency this year points the way to the future,” he added.

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