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Deepti Sadhwani: To Be A Complete Performer You Need To Capitalize On The Chances You Have

Actor-singer Deepti Sadhwani is balancing music and acting with ease, having come up with 12 songs in the last few years and completing a film. She aims to survive in the industry by spreading her wings and has launched her own music label, with plans to produce songs too.

“I am totally enjoying my musical stint for the moment . Too much is happening be it creating songs, featuring in videos, live shows and of course singing. I have come up with 12 songs in the last couple of years and among them quite a few have earned good numbers. Like my song LaLa Lala Lori is an evergreen chartbuster. All these indie numbers gave me a chance to collaborate with artistes like Baadshah, Meet Brothers and others that to at the right time of my career,” says the singer of Butterfly Wale.

For Sadhwani, acting has never taken a back seat, “I enjoy balancing music and acting that too with much ease. To be a complete performer you need to capitalize on all the chances available to you. The key is how well you manage. I don’t want to give up on acting, or even hosting for that matter. My film Nazar Hati Durghatana Ghati with maker Sant Ram Verma is complete and will release soon. I too want to take up more acting projects. Till then, music is taking most of my time with my new song Nach Le releasing soon.”

The Rock Band Party actor feels to survive in the industry one has to learn to spread their wings.

“You need to fly high else there are many out there to replace you. Be it music or film industry – competition is everywhere. You need to keep your game up all the time. Recently, I launched my own music label and now want to produce songs too. Production is something new for me but it’s surely empowering as an artiste. I feel that today I am on my own and that leaves very little chance to be dependent on others for larger prospects,” concludes Sadhwani.

Source: Hindustan Times