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Burning of Waste Heaps Continues Unchecked in Amritsar, Residents Suffer

Even as the district administration, the state government, the National Green Tribunal and the Supreme Court are concerned regarding the rising pollution due to the burning of crop residue, the burning of garbage and waste heaps in the city continues unabated.

A large heap of waste reportedly thrown by a scrap dealer was seen burning on a vacant plot near the Golden Gate here on the Amritsar-Jalandhar highway even on Sunday. Billows of black smoke emanating from the waste caused inconvenience to the residents of nearby localities.

A practice that harms the environment. The burning of waste also causes troubles to residents of nearby localities and commuters on roads. Patients, elderly people and children are the worst sufferers as smoke not only cause breathing problems but also irritation.

The burning of waste on roadsides and plant residue to get rid of them is a widely prevalent practice in the city. Even in public parks as Company Garden where compost pits can be dug to turn the dry leaves and grass into manure, the waste burning practice is often seen.

Residents say that the administration should also act tough against people burning waste in the city where population density is high. “It is laudable that the administration has taken action against farmers burning crop residue, but it is also required that all those causing air pollution are dealt with seriously,” said Surbhi Sharma, a local resident.

Harmeet Singh, Another city resident, said, “The practice of burning garbage heaps should be checked. The pollution caused by it and health hazards it poses should be a cause for concern.” He said if the administration could not check the burning of garbage in the city, it would not be able to check the burning of crop residue in remote villages.

With the district administration taking action against farmers, including registering criminal cases and imposing penalties, a section of farmers expressed that they should not be solely held responsible for causing pollution and instead efforts should be made to check other causes of air pollution.

Source: The Tribune India