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Air Quality is Getting Worse in New Delhi

Pollution in New Delhi is threatening to get out of control and many people are complaining of illness due to the bad air.

A woman who spoke to NHK complained of a sore throat and headache.

Air quality in New Delhi generally worsens at this time of year, when farmers burn their fields and revelers set off fireworks in large numbers to celebrate Diwali.

The pollution has prompted New Delhi officials to suspend construction and demolition work since late October. They are also trying to solve the problem of dust in the air with mobile water sprinklers.

Authorities temporarily closed many schools starting Tuesday (07/11/2023). Authorities will also try to reduce emissions with an odd-even traffic system starting Monday. The road will be open on odd days for people whose number plates end with an odd number, and vice versa for even numbers.

Source : NHK Word Japan