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After BGMI, Garena Free Fire Becomes The Latest Banned Game To Return To India

Garena, the Singapore-based gaming giant, has announced plans to resurrect the widely acclaimed mobile game, Free Fire, in the Indian gaming market. This revival comes 18 months after the game faced a ban in the South Asian region due to national security concerns. Determined to stage a triumphant comeback, Garena has taken comprehensive measures to ensure a seamless return.

Garena’s commitment to tailoring Free Fire to the discerning Indian audience is evident. The company has diligently woven “unique content” into the fabric of the game, fostering an environment that promotes secure, wholesome, and enjoyable gameplay. The much-anticipated reimagined version of Free Fire is slated to grace Indian mobile screens on September 5, accompanied by a feature that encourages players to take periodic breaks during their gaming sessions.

Under the umbrella of the South Asian conglomerate Sea, Garena has announced a strategic alliance with Yotta, a key player associated with the local powerhouse Hiranandani. This strategic partnership is poised to address the pivotal aspects of data storage and cloud services, crucial for meeting the needs of Indian users. Notably, Garena has also enlisted the support of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who will take on the role of the game’s brand ambassador in the country.

Before its ban, Free Fire enjoyed a substantial following in India, boasting an impressive count of around 40 million active users each month. It stood shoulder to shoulder with renowned titles like PUBG and BGMI by Krafton, which had also gained considerable traction in the country. The aftermath of Free Fire’s ban last year resulted in a staggering $16 billion decline in Sea’s market capitalisation.

Gang Ye, a Co-founder of Garena, expressed his fervour for providing Indian users with an authentically tailored gaming experience. Ye’s statement highlighted the pivotal partnership with Yotta, which aims to establish a secure and impregnable environment for safeguarding Indian user data.

This strategic move by Garena mirrors Krafton’s successful reintroduction of BGMI in India for a trial phase. In the preceding year, Sea had embarked on a discreet venture into the Indian e-commerce sphere with Shopee, which, unfortunately, faced a premature cessation due to the Free Fire ban.

Insiders within the industry advocate for Garena to emulate Krafton’s strategy by investing in indigenous businesses, enabling a more resonant connection with the Indian gaming community. Notably, analysts from AllianceBernstein have emphasised the necessity of a more pronounced and distinctive identity for Sea’s India operations, possibly through the appointment of a seasoned CEO.

High Commissioner of Singapore to India, H.E. Simon Wong, expressed his optimism regarding Free Fire’s reentry into India, citing the potential for mutually beneficial collaborations between the two nations in the realms of digital media, entertainment, and esports. This buoyant sentiment was shared during an event on Thursday, underscoring the profound significance of Free Fire’s revival and the promising avenues that lie ahead.

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