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6 Simple Immunity-Boosting Kadha Recipes for The Winter Season

When there is a nip in the air, it is time for the kadha kettle to be put on. Concocting steaming hot, fragrant cups of kadha, immune-boosting, and fortifying infusions, has always been a thing during winters in India. There are many variations of the spice and herb-infused reductions, whose recipes are a family tradition. eliminate everything from sore throats and a runny nose, aches and pains, to fevers, and even tummy issues. Some can also tackle breathing issues related to pollution.

Pro Tips For The Perfect Kadha

When blending, remember always to let the water boil first, then bring it to a simmer before adding the other ingredients. A lid is a must to keep the fragrance in. Reducing the mixture to at least one-third of its original quantity is always a good idea. Since they are potent, consume the kadha in small amounts and no more than twice or thrice a day. Check with your physician before you dose yourself since some ingredients may not suit you. All quantities are for adults only.

The Kadha Recipes

So here they are, without much further ado, a list of six kadhas that will help you breathe easier and sleep better during the cold season.

Fresh Turmeric Kadha

The miracle cure for everything, in our country, turmeric is used in its fresh root avatar for this infusion, which also contains pepper and honey. The invigorating scented turmeric root is exposed to early morning sunlight for half an hour, then julienned and added to the simmering water. Then you can add some mint leaves, grated ginger, cloves, ajwain seeds, honey, and a squeeze of lemon. Three to four small servings daily should do the trick of unclogging the ENT channels.

Masala Chai Kadha

This is your favourite chai, with a dose of spices that take up the lead roles. Ginger, pepper, clove, cardamom, and cinnamon are to be sunned for a couple of hours and popped into the already simmering tea water. Add a spoonful of honey to sweeten the deal, and no more than a spot of milk, in case you cannot do without it. Avoid this tea if you have digestive issues, such as acidity. This is widely popular in Northern India.

Cinnamon Kadha

The perfume of cinnamon alone is enough to soothe and improve, and once it is boiled in a cup of water, with a bit of sweetness stirred in, it undoubtedly will fasten healing. Add some mint and cloves for added healing. Drink up to two small servings in a day.

Giloy Kadha

Considered by many to be the ultimate immunity booster, the heart-shaped giloy leaf can be boiled in two cups of water and consumed. Drink this no more than a tablespoon or two, and it is not for those with unstable glycaemic levels.

Tulsi Kadha

An old and reliable herb, the delicate tulsi is crushed and added after the pepper, ginger, and cinnamon have been cooked in water for at least 30 minutes. Stir in a spoonful of honey, and serve warm, with a dash of lemon. The recovery has already begun when the fragrance hits you.

All Spices Kadha

This is a once-a-day small serve, especially for those who work too hard and too long, ignoring nutrition and attracting the most attentive of all illnesses, the cold-cough combination. To two cups of simmering water, add a bit of cinnamon, one clove, star anise, some peppercorn, a pinch of fennel, coriander, and cumin seeds. Let it simmer for 20 minutes, then cool, and serve with a squeeze of lemon and a spoon of honey. Do not consume on an empty stomach or if you are prone to digestive issues.

Source: Outlook Traveller